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24 July, 2014


Research reveals secret to the perfect nectarine

This month sees Waitrose unveil the perfect nectarine following a three year worldwide search by the Fruit Buyers at Waitrose. The supermarket expects to sell over 1,000 tonnes thanks to its perfect shape and well-balanced flavour.

On shelf this month, the nectarines will be available exclusively at Waitrose over the summer and promises to be the ‘perfect’ nectarine. Recent research showed that in stone fruit, a sweet, rather than acidic taste is desired, and that an aromatic flavour is preferred, which is exactly the flavour profile of these nectarines. The range includes yellow and white-fleshed nectarine and peach varieties, round and flat.

The Regal’in nectarines have been developed in the heart of the South of France in a small town outside Perpignan, by the Maillard family. Together, they carefully nurture the finest fruit trees to create the perfect variety with a sweet yet aromatic flavour.

Amy Lance, Buyer at Waitrose, said:

“For the last three years, we have been sourcing the finest stone fruit growing areas of the world – from the wine regions of South Africa to the home of Bolognese sauce in Bologna Italy to more unexpected places such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and the slopes of Mt Etna – all to find the perfect fruit for our customers. The search finally led us to a small town outside Perpignan in the South of France where we ate the most amazing peaches and nectarines straight from the tree. Full of flavour and an intoxicating aroma, this was what we’d been searching for.”


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