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29 July, 2014

Dancing teacakes generate an unexpected spike in sales

The chocolate snack, which had a starring role in the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth games, has seen an unexpected sales surge.

Tunnock's teacakes - with their distinctive red and silver foil wrappers - were one of a number of Scottish landmarks and products to feature in the celebration held in Glasgow on Wednesday evening.

In the 24 hours following the ceremony, Waitrose has seen sales of the chocolate-coated marshmallow treats leap by an astonishing 62 per cent. Waitrose is attributing the sudden spike to the product's high profile role in Wednesday's spectacle.

David Jones, Supply Chain Director, Waitrose said: “We're continually working to forecast how major sporting events and the weather will impact on what people are eating and buying. We usually expect to see people marking major sporting events with a barbecue or a beer with friends and family - but the sudden demand for Tunnock’s teacakes, isn’t something we anticipated. We will certainly be stocking up to meet customer demand."

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