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20 March, 2012

Watch out, Heston, there’s a new star in town!

10 year old cast to play young chef in latest Waitrose advert

Haydon Gill, aged 10, from Romford, Essex, has been chosen from hundreds of children to play the young incarnation of Heston Blumenthal in the latest Waitrose TV advertising campaign.

The advert, which airs on March 21st, focuses on the new Heston from Waitrose Earl Grey & Mandarin Hot Cross Buns. In the 30 second ad, a nostalgic Heston reminisces about his childhood, as we see a flashback to the 1970s where a ‘mini’ Heston is sat at his dining room table enjoying a hot cross bun.

Heston says: 'As a child, I always used to eat hot cross buns with a cup of tea. I loved the excitement of Easter, and all that chocolate, being just around the corner. The nostalgia of those familiar aromas of fruit and spice is what inspired me to create these new hot cross buns. These days, I have a cup of Earl Grey to sip with my freshly toasted hot cross buns - the crisp crust covered in melting butter’

Of his co-star, the chef said: ‘Haydon is a real character. It's been interesting to see a mini version of me in glasses and a school uniform wandering around!'

It seems that ‘mini’ Heston has a great deal in common with his co-star, as Haydon is a budding chef with a taste for unusual combinations of flavours, just like his lookalike.

Haydon says, ‘My favourite food is fish fingers and custard. Dr Who eats it and its delicious. I told Heston to try it while we were on the set together and he said he would! I like weird combinations of food. My perfect hot cross bun flavour combination would be chocolate and Parmesan. I love strong cheese. Maybe Heston could make one for me!’

‘I have loads in common with Heston - our birthdays are a day apart, we have the same phone and he wears glasses like me. I also cook with my Nan a lot- we make roast dinners with Yorkshire puddings from scratch. I also have made my own recipes- one called Tick Tock Tucker and one called Sunset Surprise. I like making food look fun.’

This is the first acting role for Haydon, who was auditioned for the role among hundreds of other Heston hopefuls. He says:

‘When my mum got the phone call telling us I'd got the part, I nearly fell down some stairs, I was so excited!’

And it seems that his time on set has inspired Haydon to take his acting career even further.

He says of his future: ‘I'd like to be a famous actor. My dream role would be Doctor Who, which is my favourite programme. I'd love to be in movies, too, and get to walk the red carpet and go to The Oscars.’

Notes to Editors:

The Heston from Waitrose Hot Cross Bun advert will air on the 21st March.

The Heston from Waitrose Earl Grey and Mandarin Hot Cross Buns (£1.59 for two) contain sultanas, golden sultanas, California raisins and Chilean flame raisins soaked in Earl Grey tea, orange zest, mandarin and bergamot extracts. The result is a hot cross bun, which boasts a delicate, zesty freshness alongside a rich fruity brioche texture. The buns are hand crossed and hand glazed by the expert bakers.

The Heston from Waitrose Hot Cross Bun advert was created by Advertising Agency, BBH.

Haydon Gill is represented by Nicki Hurdle at Finch's Agency.

The advert will air on Channel 4, ITV1, More 4, ITV3, and Channel 5 from 21st March.

For more information contact:

Bethan Davies
Senior Press Officer, Consumer
t:01344 82 5025
f:01344 82 5211
e: bethan.davies@waitrose.co.uk