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14 October, 2010

Waitrose unveils NEW Heston Blumenthal range

Waitrose, Britain’s best loved supermarket* has been working with Britain’s top chef, Heston Blumenthal to develop an exciting new range of imaginative and extraordinary products.

Following a successful collaboration as a Waitrose ambassador, Heston Blumenthal has been working closely with an expert team at Waitrose, to bring his unique and creative approach to develop ‘Heston From Waitrose’ – a range of unique and inspiring flavours from handmade pies, stocks, dressings and even a show-stopping Christmas pudding.

Renowned for their quality and sourcing integrity, Waitrose has been working closely with Heston to create this bespoke range of products. Incorporating exciting combinations of ingredients, tastes and flavours, the new range ensures that the special Heston touch is accessible to all Waitrose customers as part of their weekly shop.

“It has been an exciting new opportunity working with Waitrose on this extensive range of products. We have had an enormous amount of fun developing the different products in the range and hope that it will offer a little something for everyone to taste and enjoy.” Commented Heston

The 'Heston from Waitrose' product range will/span the aisles of the stores including, amongst others, grocery, bakery and chilled foods, and will launch from October as part of the premium offer(*2) of the Waitrose own label range. The first products to launch in the range at the beginning of October are the new pies: Heston From Waitrose Beef, Ale & Kombu Pie, Heston From Waitrose Roasted Chicken, Ham & Leek Pie and the Heston From Waitrose Spinach & Three Mushroom Pie.

Highlights from the range include:

Heston From Waitrose Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding (£13.99 for 1.2kg)

The candied orange in the middle of this incredibly moist Christmas Pudding makes it very special. As it cooks, the essential oils from the orange peel infuse the pudding from inside out.

Heston says, ‘The magic of my Christmas pudding is the whole candied orange hidden inside’

Heston From Waitrose Roasted Chicken, Ham & Leek Pie (£2.61 for 270g)

These handmade pies combine two classic flavour pairings – chicken and tarragon, ham and mustard. The creaminess of the filling is balanced by the gentle smokiness of the ham and delicate spice from the wholegrain mustard.

Heston says, ‘The secret to this pie is the tender chicken which is roasted first and complemented by the delicate flavour of tarragon’

Heston From Waitrose Beef, Ale & Kombu Pie (£2.61 for 270g)

The meatiness of the beef is enhanced by adding Kombu, Japanese seaweed. Rich in umami boosting properties, it gives long lasting savoury richness, along with the pleasant heat from cracked black pepper.

Heston says, ‘I’ve given this British classic a Japanese secret ingredient; a little bit of seaweed’

Heston From Waitrose Spinach & Three Mushroom Pie (£2.24 for 270g)

This delicious handmade spinach and mushroom pie is flavoured with nutmeg – a spice that’s been used in British food since medieval times when the Arabs introduced it to Europe.

Heston says, ‘Aromatic, moist and deeply tasty, this pie is perfectly balanced and really delicious’

Heston From Waitrose Stilton Potted With Sherry (£4.49 for 90g)

This Stilton is potted with butter, mascarpone, Pedro Ximinez sherry and sherry vinegar and it can be served with Eccles cakes, mince pies, Christmas pudding or just spread on toast. It also makes a great addition to a cheese course with grapes, toasted bread and crackers.

Heston says, "The addition of sherry to this creamy potted cheese cuts through the saltiness of the stilton"

Heston From Waitrose Vanilla Salt (£4.99 for 50g)

Contrary to popular belief, vanilla isn’t actually sweet. It is a spice that we have come to associate with sugariness because it is usually used in desserts but this salt contributes all the flavour of vanilla without the sweetness. Use it on fresh or smoked fish or to season green vegetables, potatoes and root vegetables. It is also a fantastic addition to desserts from apple pies to chocolate mousses.

Heston says, "Sprinkle over savoury or sweet dishes for an unexpected taste sensation"

Heston From Waitrose Coriander & Rose Salt (£4.99 for 50g)

Inspired by a trip to the medina in Morocco, this salt combines the delicate floral notes of rose petals and the warm spice of crushed coriander seeds. It works really well on most roast meats but is especially good on chips!

Heston says, "For an exotic taste, this works really well on roasted meats, fish and potatoes"

Heston From Waitrose Oak Smoked Salt (£5.49 for 65g)

This salt is smoked over Welsh oak and adds a subtle smoky flavour to food. Sprinkle a little over steamed vegetables or fried eggs, on barbecued meat or smoked fish to enhance the smokiness or try a pinch on top of a chocolate pudding or barbecued bananas to add an unexpected element.

Heston says,” Great for sprinkling over steamed vegetables and barbecued meats for a deep, smokey flavour"

Heston From Waitrose 4 Spice Salt (£4.99 for 60g)

This salt is great with rich foods because the spices help refresh and excite the palate. It works well sprinkled on pan-fried duck breasts, scrambled eggs, barbecued lamb, chargrilled steaks and roasted pork belly. Try mixing it into a chocolate mousse or tart for a different dessert.

Heston says, "The flavour of the cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and mace adds a touch of aromatic spice"

Heston From Waitrose Vanilla Mayonnaise (£3 for 210g)

Most people think of vanilla as a sweet dessert flavouring. But on it's own it's a savoury spice. Dotted with vanilla seeds, this mayonnaise goes really well with asparagus, smoked fish, cured meats and potatoes.

Heston says, "This is a wonderfully fragrant mayonnaise, flecked with Madagascan vanilla seeds"

Heston From Waitrose Cabernet Sauvignon Mayonnaise (£2.25 for 210g)

The intense flavours of the fortified wine in this mayonnaise cut through the richness of the eggs and the oil. It is particularly good with cold meats and salads and would make a great dip.

Heston says, "Red wine and port make my mayonnaise rich and complex"

Heston From Waitrose Chardonnay Vinegar Mayonnaise (£2.25 for 210g)

The chardonnay vinegar used in this mayonnaise has great freshness and acidity without being too sharp. Like chardonnay wine, it has a buttery, oaky quality and is great in dressings and sauces. This mayonnaise is delicious served with crunchy salad leaves, crudités, prawns, cold meats, smoked fish and sandwiches.

Heston says, "Chardonnay vinegar adds gentle acidity to this rich and smooth mayonnaise"

Heston From Waitrose Ponzu Dressing (£3.49 for 200g)

Ponzu is citrus-based Japanese dressing made with rice vinegar, mirin and kombu (a type of seaweed) then finished with the Asian citrus fruits, yuzu and sudachi. Its sweet and sour eastern flavours make it a perfect sauce for smoked salmon as well as lightly grilled fish, meat and all kinds of salads.

Heston says, "This citrus-based dressing is sweet but sour and is great with lightly grilled or smoked fish, meat and all kinds of salads"

Heston From Waitrose Mustard & Shallot Dressing (£1.99 for 200g)

This dressing is a delicious accompaniment to cold meats, fish, eggs, potatoes and salads. Try stirring a tablespoon through a couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise to make a cheat’s tartar sauce or add to a bit of gravy to make a great sauce for chicken or pork. Or simply as a great salad dressing.

Heston says, “My blend of aromatic mustards with punchy capers and shallots is delicious with cold meats, fish, eggs, potatoes and salads”

Heston From Waitrose Apple Sauce (£3.49 for 160g)

Heston says, “The secret to this recipe is cooking the apples with natural fruit sugars to let the flavour of the Bramleys and Braeburns come through”

Heston From Waitrose Horseradish Sauce (£1.99 for 300g)

Heston says, "I love horseradish sauce on almost anything but it is particularly good on roast beef, smoked fish, beetroot and potatoes"


Notes to Editors:

· * 1 - Heston Blumenthal has been a food ambassador for Waitrose since spring 2010

- * 2 - tier sub brands include Seriously from Waitrose, Menu from Waitrose and Duchy Originals from Waitrose

· 22 products launching initially

· A further 40 products scheduled to launch April 2011

· Products are recipes by Heston Blumenthal

For more information contact:

Amanda French
t:0207 896 3404
e: amanda@z-pr.com