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30 March, 2011

It’s no joke, Pineberries are back at Waitrose

Waitrose exclusively launched the Pineberry last year and now following huge consumer demand they are back in store from 31st March. This is no April Fool, as many thought last year.

The extraordinary berry with the smell and taste of a pineapple flew off the shelves last year.

The tiny berries, which are white and covered in red pips, have the same genetic make-up as the common strawberry.

It is their fresh, juicy, sweet and acid flavour with a highly aromatic smell - more akin to a pineapple - that inspired the name ‘pineberries’.

Waitrose is the only supermarket to sell pineberries in the UK. They will be available in 45 stores nationwide for the next five weeks while they are in season.

Originating in

South America, the pineberry started life as a wild variety of strawberry. It was threatened with extinction until seven years ago when Dutch farmers began growing it on a commercial level.

Each pineberry is smaller than a common strawberry measuring between 15 to 23 mm. They are grown in glasshouses, growing on coir like other strawberries.

They begin life as green berries and then become slightly white. By the time its deep laying seeds turn dark red this white fruit is ripe.

Each pineberry punnet weighs 100g retails for £3.99.

Nicki Baggott, fruit buyer for Waitrose, says: “Last year Pineberries were seen as an April Fools’, but these tasty little berries are no joke. I’m sure they will be as popular as last year where we saw them selling out as fast as we could stock our shelves.'

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