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20 November, 2013

Heston from Waitrose introduces Chocolate Box of Treats

Heston Blumenthal is launching his first selection of chocolates at Waitrose, which includes some of the chef’s favourite ingredients.

With an array of unique and luxurious flavour combinations including Earl Grey Lemon, White Macadamia Praline and Thyme & Rosemary, the Heston from Waitrose Chocolate Box is in shops from the 25th November.

Developed by Heston and Waitrose, and made by third generation Swiss chocolatiers, the 15 chocolates in this box are made with only the best ingredients to achieve that Heston ‘touch of magic’.

The sleek black box houses seven delectable flavours including:

Spiced Caramel - a deliciously rich winter warmer

White Macadamia Praline - a decadent creamy and nutty delight

Black Forest Gateau - turning the favourite retro pud into a wonderful individual chocolate

Muscovado Caramel - an intoxicating treat with a dark caramelised flavour

Thyme & Rosemary - a blend of two herbs for more adventurous tastebuds

Mandarin Caramel - a fruitful flavour fantasy full of candied citrusy notes

Earl Grey and Lemon - a much-loved flavour combination that no Heston from Waitrose product could be without

The Heston from Waitrose Chocolate Box is £13.50 and contains 15 chocolates.
The box is on offer until the 24th December to £10
In each box there are two of each flavour chocolate, with three of the Mandarin Caramel.

For more information contact:

Bethan Davies
Senior Press Officer, Consumer
t:01344 82 5025
f:01344 82 5211
e: bethan.davies@waitrose.co.uk